Spring in the vineyards

Nature does not stop and therefore neither do we, so taking advantage of the good weather, we have been busy this spring with green work on the vines.

In Bardolino, between the vineyards of Bardolino and Cavaion, we have been engaged in desuckering, in eliminating double shoots, in thinning the shoots and in cleaning the pruned vine heads.

The ‘desuckering’ is the process of removing excess shoots from the trunk of the vine, shoots that anyhow would never bear fruit. If we avoided this intervention, the shoots left on the vine would absorb water and minerals vital for growth and this would negatively affect the quality of the harvest.

Eliminating the double shoots and shoot thinning is the removal of excess sprouts on the eventual fruit bearing part of the vine in some vineyards, this is based on our production tables defined vineyard by vineyard and keeps the amount of grapes produced per vine under control.

The cleaning of the pruned heads is also used to manage production, to avoid excessive leaf growth and prepare the vines for future winter pruning.

It is a totally handmade intervention: the work is tiring and expensive, but it is only one of the many efforts we make in the vineyards to ensure that each of our bottles of wine originates from quality grapes.


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