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Follow the life of a Vineyard

Ravei – Week 1

Ravei is the latest addition to our family of vineyards in Bardolino Classico bringing the total number of vineyards to 40 but Ravei is different…

Here we have chosen to plant a variety normally associated with our vineyards in Valpolicella, namely Corvinone, this will be our first planting here in the heart of Bardolino Classico. We believe here, on this gentle slope, planted in the rocky, pebble strewn, clay soils of Ravei that the Corvinone grapes should do particularly well.

Week 1i (500x331)
The wax covered, newly planted baby vines of Corvinone

The vineyard is planted to a high density, i.e lots of vines in a small space, in fact 5,900 vines in just 1.18 hectares (just under 3 acres).

Week 1iii (500x222)
The gentle slope and pebbly soil of Ravei will allow good drainage during the rains

For now the baby vines stand alone in their rows but next week the trellising goes in to give these rows their order and give the new vines a structure to grow against.

The nice thing is, some good rain is forecast followed by more warm April sun, good ingredients for nurturing these infants.

As these vine develop the wax will break off, its early protective job done


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