KEYA, Bardolino Chiaretto Classico DOC

KEYA is the result of several years’ work in which we endeavoured to create a rosé that best expresses our style of winemaking and the personality of our vineyards in the hills overlooking Bardolino. We have been gradually adjusting the blend and the colour to reach a style that best embodies the qualities of Chiaretto di Bardolino.

The label is an homage to Contessa M.C. Loredan’s Venetian heritage, as it was she who for many years led Guerrieri Rizzardi and introduced so many to Chiaretto di Bardolino as a wine. The name is a simple play on the first two syllables of Chi-a-ret-to (KEY-A).

Light in colour but rich in style, we recommend drinking this vibrant rosé lightly chilled (10-12°C or 50-53° F). It is good on its own or accompanying a wide range of dishes such as rice or pasta salads, white meats, crustaceans and seafood and is excellent with mildly spiced curry dishes.