Soave Classico is one of the world’s most famous white wine growing regions. Our vineyard is situated on a particularly favourable side of the main hill of  the Costeggiola zone, a hill that overlooks the Soave Classico region.

This vineyard is ideally suited for it’s climate and stony volcanic soil. Sourced from only the most mature vines the grapes are harvested by hand and picked when fully ripe. After pressing, our Costeggiola wine is left to ferment in vats and then aged on the lees in stainless steel vats without the influence of oak barrels.

This wine is dry and perfumed, and should be served not too chilled (12-14° C or 54-57° F) with Italian starters, white meats, fresh or smoked seafood, shell fish, goat’s milk cheese or tempura prawns.

Ageing potential: up to 6 years