Improving a cru vineyard

Even though it is the height of summer and temperatures soar, the work does not stop.
After the harvest of 2020 we took away some very old and tired vines which were planted by the pergola method back in the 1960s and now is the time to restructure the vineyard.

We are working and preparing the soil for the new vineyard: first by removing the surface soil and then breaking the first half metre to metre of the limestone rock underneath (in order to allow the new vines’ roots to go deeper); once this is done the surface soil will be re-positioned again on top of the broken limestone rock. After this we combine two sections of the vineyard to make a more stable terrace for future generations of vine.
It is a lot of work but once finished this will be another part of the cru of Costeggiola that will flourish in years to come.



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