Follow the life of a vineyard – Part 2

Ravei – Week 3

Some changes already underway for our new vineyard ‘Ravei’. A few days of  rain interspersed with sunny spells followed by several warm sunny days has resulted in a good burst of growth in the baby vines.

Breaking through the wax coating we are expecting rapid growth over the next few weeks.

DSC_3967 (800x530)
Good early growth as the leaves burst through the protective wax


At first the vines are free standing but already trellising posts are  in place and soon the wires will go through each of these posts providing the structure for these little vines.

DSC_3970 (600x397)
Trellising posts in place – each one has a series of holes through which the training wires will eventually go

As with all our vineyards, this will be a place in which we encourage biodiversity, here are some of nature’s best pest controllers in action, happy to see this ‘coccinella’ in the vineyard:

DSC_3979 (800x530)
This looks like a seven spot ladybird, a welcome guest as they are perfect aphid and mite hunters.


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