The hills around Soave were for centuries devoted to viticulture and the best grapes were from ideally exposed vineyards, two of which comprise our estate. Since the 1940s part of today’s estate had belonged to the Swedish Marine Commodore, Olof Henning Lorenz Hammargren.This land was purchased by Count Antonio Rizzardi in 1977 and is now part of the Soave Cru of Tenda (where Soave Ferra comes from). This was followed a few years later by the purchase of Costeggiola, which today is a renowned Soave Cru.

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The vineyards (15 hectares) and the cellar are located in the municipality of Soave, in the Classico production area. The soil is clay based with an abundance of black volcanic rock. The 30 vineyard plots are distributed on Costeggiola hill, and next to Soave Castle.
The vineyards are located at an altitude between 40 and 200 meters above sea level and planted to a density of around 2200 – 4800 plants per hectare. The vines are between 3 and 45 years of age and are planted on the terraces of the hilly slopes facing south.


Since the 1970s, in Soave, we cultivate three white grape varietals, Garganega (70%), Chardonnay and a tiny amount of Trebbiano di Soave. We use the best parcels and the older vines for the Cru wines and in the case of Costeggiola and the Soave Classico we find that the Chardonnay grown on limestone soils is one of the great strengths of these wines.


FERRA, Soave Classico DOC

This vineyard, part of the cru of Tenda in the Classico area of Soave, is located in a hilly area behind the Soave Castle. It was purchased by the Rizzardi family in 1977 and has always been an integral part of the estate. Over the years, through replanting and the use of new farming systems, the grapes have reached their maximum potential, and since 2014 this is expressed in the bottle as our single site, Soave cru, FERRA.


Recioto di Soave Classico DOCG

Produced with grapes from different hillside vineyards in the municipality of Soave. These parcels have distinguished themselves over the years thanks to their exposure, the age of the vineyards and the low yield per hectare, characteristics that make the grapes harvested here particularly suitable for the drying process.



Soave is one of the most well-known white wine production regions in the world. Our Costeggiola cru vineyard is located on a particularly favourable slope of the hill facing the Soave Classico region. The vines are planted on a series of terraces on soil which is a mix of limestone and volcanic matter.


Soave Classico DOC

Soave Classico is one of the most famous and appreciated Italian white wines in the world and we are lucky that our vineyards occupy some of the best positions in the Soave Classico area. The vineyards are characterized by an excellent exposure, in front of the Castello di Soave and on the hill of Costeggiola. This wine comes from the combination of these two crus.