The Palazzetto Guerrieri of Dolcè can be found in the heart of the little village of the same name. It is situated in the valley of the River Adige, surrounded by the Lessini Mountains. The main building dates back to the 16th century. The garden with its ancient trees is worthy of mention. Cedars, conifers and cypresses; palms and bamboo; sweep down towards the river, where kiwi vines, peach and lemon trees give onto a magnificent vineyard.

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The vineyard is located in the southern part of the garden and the vines are planted in a north – south orientation. The soil is sandy and partially calcareous, with a high presence of magnesium. The training system is the spurred cordon, with a density of 5000 plants per hectare. Currently the property includes two hectares of vineyards planted with Chardonnay. This is a relatively cool area because it channels the currents from the Alps.