Bardolino Estate

The oldest part of Guerrieri Rizzardi, with the vineyard lands here dating back to the 15th century when the Rambaldi, the ancestors of the Guerrieri family, first planted vines in the rolling hills in and around Bardolino town positioned on the shore of lake Garda. The estate today comprises 36 different vineyard sites and covers over 45 hectares.

Valpolicella Estate

The centre of production for the family’s most important red wines, the estate in Valpolicella comprises around 25 hectares and occupies a prime position in the renowned valley of Negrar. The restored cellar and fruttai (drying rooms) are housed in a small group of buildings in Pojega owned by the Rizzardi since 1649.

Soave Estate

The Soave estate, was already a flourishing, well maintained property for many years before it was purchased by the Rizzardi family in the 1970’s. With the passage of time further vineyards were added and following extensive replanting and vineyard improvement the estate today comprises 33 vineyards just over 15 hectares and occupies parts of the Soave Cru sites of Costeggiola and Tenda – which includes the Ferra vineyard.

Valdadige Estate

In 1851 the Dolcè property was inherited from the Rambaldi family, the immediate ancestors of the Guerrieri and from 1913 onwards this small estate, occupying a beautiful positon in the Adige valley, has been a part of Guerrieri Rizzardi.